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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just a few updates here at 7.00am in the morning. Haha. A passerby tagged saying, "You shouldn't use Sleeqaholic since it was named by the management. You don't have the right to. I mean they're ou of the management after all. And it's theirs so better not take the risk." & With some other reasons, SLEEQAHOLICS are now no more SLEEQAHOLICS. I'm sorry but prolly you could yourself a SleeQ Fan while we brainstorm for another dope name fo the fans. Hope you people dont mind but i was told to change the name, since SleeQ is out of Labels of Love. Drop me a mail at Sleeqaholic@hotmail.com if you've got any suggestion fo the new name fo the fan. I wont be changing the email add that soon, so keep the mail coming in alright? :D

Some people who doesnt know has started to ask, who's updating the blog? This blog is not updated by Alyph or Syarif but they do read & tag but prolly, they'll soon. I'm Mimi & i'm just taking the initiative to update you SleeQ fans on their performance or their doings. Alright? :D Feel free to holla at me or my girlfriends when you see us at gigs or events aye.

I'll update you people more on the RENTAK SINGAPURA thing alright so that you guys have the confirmation, prollly few days time. But as for now, i thank you guys on behalf of the boys for those who came down to Esplanade Waterfront fo B&B to show some love. Thank you & continue to show love, ♥.

Next up, Tanjong Katong Complex this Sat, 11th July.
Come down & meet the boys. They'll be there, prolly fo a performance. I'll update about this
matter more once i got the confirmation about it.

& FRIENDS, thanks a millie fo tagging. Your tags will be reply soon. Oh, dont forget to get going
& request for, SEMBUNYI ON 89.7FM & MOVIESTAR ON 98.7FM, alright?

Thank You,

6:54 AM


Singapore's very own local talent consist of these 2 dudes below which completes a duo, formed in 2005.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Alif Abdullah.
Producer, Rapper,
Songwriter & A Beat-Maker.

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Ahmad Syarifulah.
Producer, Singer & A Songwriter.