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Thursday, January 28, 2010

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ANN: is it a first come first served type of thing ?
means like only a certain num of ppl can go ?
MIMI TO ANN: Are you talking about the event at ECP this Sat?
If you're then the answer is no. It's not on a first-come-first-serve
basis. It's open to all, but prolly the seats might be
limited though. Not so sure about the seats :]
DYLA: thanks for the linking my blog
MIMI TO DYLA: Hey, my pleasure! :] Keep the blog alive by,
flowin in more love aight. Thank you very much.
SURIANI: Thanks for linking the Youtube Channel too! ♥
MIMI TO SURIANI: No worries babe! It's for the convenience of SLEEQers (:
SHAFFIQ: yo sleeq.....im a fan of urs who almost know all the lyrics for ur songs....
and my imesh is fully loaded by ur songs.....and ill be coming.
MIMI TO SHAFFIQ: On behalf of the boys, thank you for all your support thus far.
Will drop by your page soon. So, got CLASSIQ in hand yet? :]
Thank you for all the tags.
Flow in more love :]

9:46 AM


Singapore's very own local talent consist of these 2 dudes below which completes a duo, formed in 2005.

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Alif Abdullah.
Producer, Rapper,
Songwriter & A Beat-Maker.

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Ahmad Syarifulah.
Producer, Singer & A Songwriter.